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The Snag In Regina Daniel’s House Gift To Mum



19-year old actress, Regina Daniels is now a trending topic on social media after showing off her second Benz and getting her mum a house all in a space of 4-weeks.

There’s nothing as stimulating and stirring as an open show of love and affection between mother and child. And it’s more positively incandescent when it is the child that shows love to the mother for years of unalloyed love as teen Nollywood actress Regina Daniels did to her mother, Rita Daniels recently with a token of a beautiful edifice.

The show of love was so stirring and emotionally infectious that the whole of Nollywood was practically on its feet to applaud the 18 year old diva for her uncommon feat. And the story was well told as everyone posted the picture of the house on their Instagram page, with all sorts of more stirring comments.

There was hardly anyone in Nollywood who didn’t have something nice to say about the gesture except perhaps the mum, who has kept completely mum.

One would have ordinarily expected the mother to have welcomed her daughter’s gesture of love with outpouring, overflowing emotional outburst but it’s been dead silence from the mother. At least nothing on her Instagram wall has acknowledged the great deed her daughter had done.

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The teen actress posted the picture of the house on Wednesday, March 21, at about 3pm in the afternoon and it went viral with her gleeful colleagues re-posting the picture almost immediately. 48 hours after, as at Friday, there’s nothing on the mother’s wall to reciprocate the gesture.

Is there a snag somewhere , no one may ever know. It may even be argued that the mum is not as social media savvy as the daughter or too busy to see the hullabaloo on the cyberspace but her wall shows that her last post was within hours of her daughter’s viral post of the house.
– Vanguard

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