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#SeeFinish: Nigerians want to know what ‘Avoid the shame of see finish’ campaign is all about



Earlier today, 15 half-naked young men were seen at the 3 mainland bridge in Lagos state wearing a banner that states ‘Avoid the shame of see finish ’.

This new awareness method has left several Lagosians stunned as it has never been done before. About 15 young men were seen dressed up in only their briefs and standing different corners of 3 mainland and Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

As expected, Social media users have raised concerns and are pondering what could be the sole purpose of these young men on a Monday morning.

The young men remained silent throughout the public stunt which makes it more intimidating for commuters.

Some concerned social media users have generated different theories behind the ‘see finish ‘ trend, some suggested that it was a gay movement while others mentioned that it might be for a music project.
Despite the numerous ideologies on the internet, nobody is affiliated with the trend yet.

Taking to social media, check out some of the tweets relating to ‘see finish’ .

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