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Sad Story Of Soldier Blamed For The Death Of His Friend Who Killed Himself While Fighting Boko Haram



The story has been told of the Nigerian soldier who is being blamed for the death of his colleague and friend who killed himself on the battlefield.

A Nigerian soldier identified as Emmy Benison has told a heartbreaking story about his friend who died on the battlefield.
According to Benison, he and his friend were at the battle frontline while fighting Boko Haram and were caught in heavy cross fire. His friend was injured and was in serious pain.

Benison and his friend who died on the battlefield

Benison revealed that his friend was without armor so he took out his extra magazine and gave it to the man. However, he was shocked when his friend used the bullet to shoot himself dead.

When the news of his friends’s death got to his newly wedded wife, the woman blamed Benison for what happened and still thinks he asked his friend to kill himself.
Below is how old the story on Instagram:
“This is not just a story of what happened,i just wana clear the air…we have known each other since training days bt after 4yrs we met again at d Frontline..

“I always reserve one ammo fr myself if incase tinx gets out of hand,I will rather pull the trigger to my head than get caught alive by bokoharam and I always tell him abt it…..
“on dat day tinx went out of hand ad my friend was shot twice but still breathing ad was eager to kip fighting bt he was out of ammo ad i had an extra magazine so i gave it to him but instead he shot himself ad i swear to God almighty,I never saw dat coming..
“news got to his newly wedded wife ad kid abt his death ad some agent of darkness said i told him to kill himself in order to end his can i be aving such conversation while engaging???

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“till dis very day,she blames me fr his death,she blames fr the pains ad suffering her kid ad her are going thru..i posted abt her on my page hoping to raise money fr her to start up smetin cus deep down i feel guilty bt i got 34k…

“I don’t know what to do,how can she ever forgive me?God almighty know what happened dat very day..he was my buddy ad i wld have carried him ad ran if dat was an option then but we were under heavy fire…I did not meant fr tinx to go dat way”

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