My mom supports my having a sex doll  – Pretty Mike

It came as a shock to many sometime ago when popular Lagos socialite and entertainer , Pretty Mike , announced on his Instagram handle that he was the proud owner of a sex doll .In a chat with Saturday Beats , he revealed that he had since named the doll Amaka , and would prefer if people see the doll as his companion instead of a sex doll . Pretty Mike further revealed that his mother was supportive of all his actions as she believed that it was a phase in his life that would soon fade off.

He said , “ My mother has always known that I am a peculiar kid and I am an entertainer who never plays with his entertainment business. So for her , she is very supportive. My mother is very supportive of anything I want to do , including having a sex doll because for her everything is always like phase with me. She would tell her friends that I am an adult irrespective of what I say and how I say it and she is not going to come to my house every day or be in my bedroom every night .

“ So she believes that everything I do is a phase that would not last forever . It could be for a short period of time . That is her belief . She always feels that I would get tired of it and that is how she sees most of these things. I am very fond of my mother . ”

Funnily enough , according to the nightclub owner , he is not currently in a relationship and that some of the ladies he has been “ talking” to are feeling threatened by his sex doll .

“ When it comes to my relationship status, I am talking to some ladies . We just met and it is one step at a time but with Amaka ( sex doll ) in the way , they also see that there is stiff competition.

“ Some of the ladies I have been with feel that Amaka is a competition so they believe they have something to prove. They try to show me the difference between the two of them ; what they can do that the sex doll cannot do .

“ So they are in competition with Amaka ; they try to outdo her and show me what they can do that she cannot do . It has been an interesting ride so far , ” he said .

Known by some to be a controversial person, PM , as he is fondly called , said he did not believe in marriage and that if he should toe that path , he would find a way to ‘ settle ’ his sex doll .

He said , “ wait upon the Lord when it comes to marriage. It is God that would determine when I would get married . I have a lot of people that try to matchmake, to hook me up with some women but I am not the type to rush into marriage. Honestly speaking, I am not the type that believes in marriage, especially with the rate at which marriages are failing nowadays in our society.

“ I am someone who goes for a lot of weddings and I have been groomsman many times at weddings , same way I have been the best man for so many people . I must tell you that a high percentage of those marriages do not make it past the first or second year .

“ So when I see things like that , I feel discouraged . Our environment is one that allows a lot of dishonesty so it has become very hard for someone like me who people are expecting to get married to have a wedding , so I always tell people that I am waiting upon the Lord . ”

He continued , “ When it comes to my ideal woman for marriage, I am not really picky. I do not have a particular specification . For me, character comes first ; it is the number one item for me. She has to be a decent and well – mannered person.
“ Her intellect is also important and those are the things I look out for because I have seen it all. Nothing really thrills me when it comes to the outward appearance of a lady . I need to know her behaviour and what she has to offer . Then her physique can come next .

“ When I finally want to settle down , everything will be based on understanding . The lady would know that I ( already ) have a companion so we would sit down, talk and make a decision . If my partner is okay with the sex doll , then she would become part of the family . And if she is not cool with it , then we would sit down and talk about how to settle Amaka because she has to be settled . ”

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