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Juju Legend, Ebenezer Obey’s Oldest Band Member, Giwa Ojo Arigidi, Is Dead



The oldest member of Juju legend, Ebenezer Obey’s band has reportedly died, leaving family and friends in shock.
The oldest serving member of Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey’s inter reformers band Giwa Ojo Arigidi is dead, PM News reports.

The velvet tone backup singer died this morning. May his soul rest in peace.

Managing Director of Evergreen Music, Bimbo Esho, revealed this in a Facebook post that has attracted tributes to the deceased.

In highlighting Arigidi’s role in the band, Esho described him as ‘velvet-tone back-up singer’.

Music writer, Azuka Jebose, saluted Arigidi as ‘Arigidi Baba Toyin, tiwa olola’ obviously echoing one of the songs in which Obey praised him.

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