Egerton square: Four rescued from another Lagos building collapse

Four people have been rescued from the building collapse on Lagos Island, Lagos .
When The PUNCH visited the site of the building collapse at Egerton square in Oke -Arin area of Lagos Island, the two men trapped under the rubble had been rescued and taken to the hospital .

According to Chairman of the Community Development Committee in Lagos Island LGA , Buhari Maleek , the only casualty involved in the collapse were four men, who were involved in the demolition of the building and they ’ re presently receiving treatment at the Lagos Island Mortuary General Hospital .

He said , “ The building was marked for demolition in 2016 , but was not demolished. Following last week building collapse at Ita Faji area , officials of Lagos State Building Control Agency came on Saturday to mark it for demolition and ordered all shop owners to move out their goods before Monday.
According to a barber , Akinloye Abduljelil , who owns a shop close to the scene , it was in the course of demolishing the building from the ground floor , that it collapsed on the men brought to demolish the building .

He said , “ They came in this morning , brought eight Hausa men and started demolishing the building , four of them were under the building when it collapsed on them , two were rescued without any serious injury, while the two others who sustained injuries have been taken to the hospital”

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