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A Clearer Picture Of MC Galaxy And Etinosa’s Brazen Nude Show



An anecdotal study of Instagram (the Nigerian space) by this writer has shown that the platform is peopled by a low percentage of the intellectual class.

If you watched the x-rated action film produced by MC Galaxy (originally known as Innocent Udeme Udofot) and Etionosa with a surprise, then you are outrightly a novice.
This isn’t the first time such content will be released and it will certainly not be the last. Nigerian pornstar, KingTee has done something worse than that with different women who might one day end up as the wives of some unfortunate men. Instagram slay queens like Peace Olayemi, Sussylicious, Symply Tacha, Savage Trap Queen and others are already showcasing their private parts for different fees with subscribers flooding their networks.

MC Galaxy is not the problem, he is just a mere symptom of a full-blown viral ailment on Instagram. He is a premonition about an impending doom set to befall the younger generation who are begging the aged and recycled leaders for the mantle of leadership. A generation that constantly misses the message and purposely sticks to the worthless noise.

Social media is a curse and its also a blessing. Inasmuch as it has boosted political consciousness among citizens, created publicity about businesses, created jobs, encouraged networking among professionals, promoted friendly interactions in a cheap way; its the home of obscenities particularly transactional sex and nudity. It’s the forest when married men with fat pockets hunt for ‘bushmeat’. Most ladies are overtly and covertly selling their bodies without any iota of shame. Social media is also a major channel through which fake news, hate speeches and other divisive contents are disseminated by faceless and unscrupulous people for nefarious motives.

An anecdotal study of Instagram (the Nigerian space) by this writer has shown that the platform is peopled by a low percentage of the intellectual class who could engage in quality discussions that solve problems and advance life. The other class of people who approach life recklessly constitutes at least over 70% of the demography of Instagram with another percentage sitting on the fence. It’s either a male is showcasing his wealth to serve as a trap or bait for the next girl, or a female is showcasing her private parts to lure the next guy into a private discussion that will end with her back on the ground and her bank account is credited accordingly.

We have a group of people showcasing their epic stupidities in the name of comedy skits. With due respect, some online comedians like Baba Adan, Broda Shaggi, MC Edo Pikin, Maraji, Lasisi Elenu, Klinton Cod, Twyse, Nedu Wazobia FM, Woli Arole, Woli Agba etc are doing commendable jobs on Instagram. Majority of the artists on the platform promote junks in the name of comedy skits, music, and music videos. Others who have monies to throw around, organize regular giveaways to gather followers they later struggle to engage with meaningful contents.
Singer, comedian and dancer, MC Galaxy and Etinosa Idemudia fall in the class of people with huge followings but no substance to sell to their immediate audience. In the absence of quality products, a desperate trader sells the inferior ones to make money and keep business afloat.

MC Galaxy has been struggling to stay relevant since the release of his hit song titled ‘Sekem’ in 2014. MC Galaxy must have been lucky to have such a song which gave life to parties within and outside Nigeria. It was like a national anthem!

Since the success of that song which reportedly brought him so much money, he has continued to struggle to replicate such a feat. His best could be termed as coordinated noise to the ears. In saner climes, MC Galaxy will never be recognized as a musician. His vocals are as bad as his lyrics; the only thing admirable about him might be his dance steps. Despite huge promotions and quality videos, his songs have all failed to gain traction but MC Galaxy isn’t giving up anytime soon. He has nowhere else to go and I see him staying in the music industry to force more garbage on his audience who have turned permanent deaf ears towards him without his knowledge. In order to stay relevant, MC Galaxy had been involved in a myriad of publicity stunts and other attention-seeking ventures.

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The Akwa Ibom native has gone as far as placing bloggers on salaries to fervently report his less newsworthy activities. He went as far as engaging the popular cross-dresser, Idris Olanrewaju Okuneye aka Bobrisky to promote his music but all the moves were dead on arrival. Wack/substandard music is hard to sell at times because they are readily available to listeners who have already had enough from friends, family members, acquaintances, neighbors crossing their boundaries with music too – they love music but music isn’t reciprocating the feeling. Instead of MC Galaxy to choose a new vocation like singer Banky W who ventured into politics, he has adopted the ‘Slay Queen’ strategy of desperate publicity which is very rampant among female celebrities who go as far as stripping naked and labeling the act ‘artistic’. Everything is for the likes and more followers and they are not apologetic about their actions. They constantly bring very irritating and directionless private issues to the social media space like its a Court of Arbitration. They also jump on public issues without any meaningful stand as a way of following trends.

Over a week ago, MC Galaxy had a ‘ big break’ on social media on social media when he asked young girls to strip naked for prize money of N50,000 during an Instagram live video session. He has denied this despite a shred of video evidence buttressing the accusations. His odious actions became the talk of the media. The drama was far cheaper than the others he sponsored with his money. People like Galaxy who seem poorly educated believe ‘publicity is publicity’ whether positive or negative. The magnitude of the scandal which came with no consequences motivated MC Galaxy to turn it into a viable publicity strategy. He adopted the same concept on Friday, 15th of March, 2019 to promote another seemingly dead song of his titled ‘Ogbono’.

It wasn’t hard for MC Galaxy to find a partner-in-crime who shares the same personal and career attributes with him. He recruited a pseudo-celebrity to actualize his plan. Etinosa is not different from him. She separated from her husband, a naval officer whom she accused of physically and verbally abusing her. She maligned the man’s image on her page at some point. Etinosa just like MC Galaxy has a large number of followers on Instagram but has nothing tangible to sell to them. She has been involved in several dry comedy skits and a couple of Nollywood movies begging for recognition which they may never get. Etinosa is one of those ladies whose survival in a money-consuming city like Lagos has become some sort of mystery. This is simply because no serious means of livelihood is linked to her. But trust me, she is doing well at least considering her public appearances at star-studded social events in Lagos.

Etinosa did the unthinkable by stripping stark naked on live video and bragging about it. She admitted being drunk and ranted about breaking loose from the shackles of people around her to be herself. She flashed the camera on her boobs as she grumbled. Many pleaded with MC Galaxy to save the lady’s face by terminating the call but he never listened. He only pretended like he was not in support of her actions while he stylishly enjoyed the dance of shame. As the blogs fed on the issue like the previous one, MC Galaxy strategically went quiet on social media to allow the fire to burn while he monitored the effect like an achiever. Etinosa also placed her profile on private so as to gain more followers as she anticipated unprecedented visitors. These are the normal trends of social media drama episodes.

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I refuse to lay blames at the doorsteps of both parties. Apart from the fact that they are adults responsible for their own actions, they only exhibited the lifestyle of Instagram users. Their actions reek of the deep cultural practices of the online community. Most people hypocritically criticizing the erring duo are loving the drama. They begged for the video, watched it over and over again with a strong lust for more while they shared among friends. MC Galaxy and Etinosa might have raised the bar too high this time around, but believe me, another set of people are coming to perpetrate a more despicable act that will overshadow theirs.

Instagram is a colossal waste of time and internet bundle except if you have a business you run on the platform. Concrete discussions don’t sell on Instagram as we have on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Instagrammers just love the comedy skits, the hook-ups, showboating, the rumours, the gossips, the trolls and other ephemeral things they believe could ease their dull moods.

As for MC Galaxy, his musical career ended many years ago and he can’t revive it no matter how much he tries. He isn’t a musician but an irritant making noise on good beats. His condition is so bad that even if he is recruited by the Boko Haram sect as a suicide bomber, he will never ‘blow’. Not every musician in Nigeria has the grace of relevance like Innocent 2Baba Idibia, not everybody could come back like Duncan Mighty after being frozen out by competitors. The best MC Galaxy can do in the music industry is to sign good young artists to his music record label and promote them. This drama has come and it will go without the Ogbono track making any gainful impact. Even if MC Galaxy plays the song while live-streaming a sexual session with his girlfriend, it will not still sell. Music isn’t his way, neither is comedy. He was just fortunate with Sekem; it was a fluke!
As for Etinosa, rumours have it that she has been battling depression prior to the act. If true, I hope she finds happiness and peace of mind as she recovers from the social media backlash. The internet never forgets, her actions will certainly outlive her. The good news is that the new generation gives no damn about morality as far as you have money to show for it. After all, those who peddle sex around purportedly marry the best and rich men while their decent counterparts are fasting and praying at the Redeemed Camp/Prayer City for suitors amid skyrocketing ages.

Osayimwen Osahon George is a journalist, he writes from Lagos State.

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