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WOW! Actress Funke Akindele reveals her twins names



Actress Eniola Badmus revealed the names of the twins today during a live video session. In the live Video session, she gave her colleague and friend, Funke Akindele a shoutout and said; “how are my twins doing, ??”. She also continued by saying; “Funke’s twins, Zack and Zion, oh my God! They are so cute.
The viral news of Funke Akindele alleged delivery were spread so fast after the actress, who was said to be heavily pregnant, left to the United Kingdom. So is that true that Funke Akindele twins were born in London? And was she truly pregnant? Funke Akindele who is famous for the role as Jenifa in an almost 10-years-old comedy sitcom “Jenifa’s Diaries” was announced to be pregnant. Faithful fans saw a suspiciously big “baby bump” in some of her pictures and decided to provide their own investigation on the Internet trying to reveal whether the actress would react to the rumors. But let’s be honest, there is no objective evidence of Funke Akindele being pregnant. No official statement or interview of the actress or her husband confirming the pregnancy and/or delivery.

So here are some denying arguments which can finally convince you not to follow the rumors: The publicist of the actress, Mr. Biodun Kupoluyi has confidently claimed the fact that she has not shown any obvious signs of pregnancy except weird photos which attentive fans had noticed and used against her. He spoke in the interview with Encomium News dismissing the rumors that she has been pregnant and delivered new babies in London hospital: “Don’t mind those people. They’re only imagining. You can not hide a pregnancy for long. And when you deliver, people must surely know. So, delivering a set of twins in London is not something one can hide at all.” Rumor – dismissed!

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The next breaking-the-rumor argument is provided by the husband of the actress Funke Akindele – JJC Skillz. According to his interview with Punch News’ Saturday Beats, denied the gossips and admitted that, “…the rumored twins pregnancy concerning my wife was only a prophetic claim”. He explained that the gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey, had a vision about Funke Akindele that she would be deliver twins in 2018. “My post on Instagram about my wife having twins was a prophecy from Olowogbogboro” – JJC Skillz said. Therefore, rumor – dismissed!
And finally, the last but not the least proof that Funke Akindele is not pregnant yet and has not delivered twins in London is her Instagram post from the 22 of November 2017. She texted: “Back to work…..” And now just imagine – a woman who has just become a mom of twins or (what is even worse) has got a miscarriage (the information about her pregnancy loss is also hopelessly popular on some forums) obviously is incapable of getting emotionally, physically, and psychologically restored that fast .Rumor – dismissed
So, has Funke Akindele been pregnant? No. Has Funke Akindele given birth to twins at a London hospital? No. Did Funke Akindele have a miscarriage? No. Let’s look at facts, not at emotionally saturated sensations which are only based on empty rumors.

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