Princess Shyngle Desperate For Mr Right, Lists The Type Of Men She’s Dated In The Past

Small waist actress, Princess Shyngle has revealed the type of men she will not want to date as she looks for Mr Right.
Actress, Princess Shyngle has listed the kind of men she will not like to date. This she did after revealing the type of men she has dated in the past.

The actress said that even though there are many men, she still hasn’t come across Mr Right.

The tiny waist actress, who once admitted to dating former Chelsea player, Michael Essien, took to social media to list all the kind of men she has dated in the past in her search for Mr Right.

Princess Shyngle wrote: “I’ve already met…. Mr Player, Mr Stupid, Mr idiot, Mr I’m not married, Mr psycho, Mr footballer, Mr Cheap, Mr lazy, Mr User, Mr Know it all, Mr Musician, Mr Control freak, Mr Stalker… Where the hell is Mr Right,”

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