PDP campaign fires back at APC on ‘plot to cause nationwide violence’

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the alarm raised by the All Progressives Congress (APC) that opposition leaders planned to unleash armed thugs to disrupt announcement of results nationwide was hypocrisy to disguise their own vile acts.

Osita Chidoka, a spokesman for the campaign, in a statement said the PDP was confident bid victory and would not jeopardize the ongoing process.

He said: “The APC has raised the spectre of the PDP ‘recruiting armed thugs to attack ward and LGS collation centres overnight.

“Let us put this statement into perspective: Who introduced INEC and the Card Reader and PVC system to create a more transparent electoral process? The PDP.
“Who in 2015 when holding all the levers of power ran what is widely agreed to be the most free and fair elections in Nigeria’s history which resulted in its own defeat? The PDP.
“Who oversaw the peaceful handover of power from an incumbent President to an opponent? The PDP.

“We would ask Nigerians and the world to compare and contrast our record with the APC and judge their book by its cover.
“Who unconstitutionally suspended the Chief Justice the day before he was due to appoint the judges for the election tribunals? The APC.
“Who put armed thugs on the streets in PDP strongholds to burn ballot boxes, suppress our voters and kill our people? The APC.

“Who allowed one of their senior party leaders in charge of Activate Technology to provide the upgraded Card Readers to polling units in PDP areas to slow down the vote? The APC.
“So why when voters across the country have expressed their preference in millions for Atiku to be the next President would the PDP want to disrupt the collation?
“So we demand that the President who has promised us and the world free and fair elections to call off his attack dogs or see his legacy sink to levels of opprobrium not seen since before the return of democracy to Nigeria.

“We recognise the common sense and intelligence of the Nigerian people to see through their subterfuge and nefarious plot and maintain their vigilance.”

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