Atiku Reaches Out To Nnamdi Kanu

The intrigues emanating from the preparation to the 2019 presidential elections appear unending. This is as information available to 247ureports.com obtained through an authoritative and competent source reveal that the Presidential flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], Alhaji Atiku Abubakar have opened communication channels with theleader of the proscribed group, the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], Prince Nnamdi Kanu.In what seems highly secretive arrangement, the two involved group have opened discussions on issues of possible mutual benefit.Information available to 247ureports.com confirmed that Alhaji Abubakar Atiku has expressed interest in having talks with the leader of the IPOB group. Atiku intends to understand in real terms the positions and grievances of the IPOB leader, says the source.Atiku indicated willingness to hear the leader and to find avenues of ameliorating the situation for mutual benefit.When contacted, Nnamdi Kanu was not immediately open to discussions. He rebuffed the idea almost instantly. Peeved at the notion, he rebuked the agents who brought the message. Repeated efforts to reach him were made but the efforts were rebuffed. It took a close family relative to get Nnamdi Kanu’s attention.The family relative impressed on Nnamdi Kanu of the need to consider the sincerity of the PDPpresidential flag bearer on the subject of restructuring along regional zones. The family relative was quoted as having told Nnamdi Kanu that with a restructured Nigeria along regional lines – where the 1963 constitution will be at play and the regional zones of 1960 adopted – there will be no need to call for a referendum. The family relative explained also that the people of the old eastern region [South south and South east regions] want the exit of President Mohammadu Buhari – and are willing to accept the restructuring offer promised by Alhaji Abubakar.247ureports.com gathered that Nnamdi Kanu asked for hard evidence and/or documented agreements indicating the promises the PDP presidential flag bearer is offering the people ofthe old eastern region. According to our source,Nnamdi Kanu is unsure of the sincerity of Atiku’s promise. But he is in agreement that a well-executed restructuring based on regional lines would die the call for referendum.This he said while lamenting that there should be no need for a person from the old eastern region to study [from primary school to University level] in the eastern region – and then have to relocate to the south west or northern region to seek employment.Nnamdi Kanu cautioned however that he remains apprehensive to holding talks with Nigerian politicians because of the disappointment suffered in the hands of the south east governors prior to his disappearance.According to Nnamdi Kanu, he had requested for documented agreement from the south eastgovernors during the talks at Enugu. “Something concrete I can show my people” as basis to call off the elections boycott in Anambra. “The South East governors were not willing to put anything on paper”. That was the reason he refused to call off the boycott – which eventually led to his ouster from his Afaraukwu home by the Nigerian military.The family relative explained that the emergence of former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Obi is attributable to the peaceful agitations of the IPOB – similar to how the agitations of Niger Delta militants precipitated the emergence of former Presidentof Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. “Nnamdi wants what is good for our people”.What is clear is the willingness for the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB to listen to the PDP presidential flag bearer – and the expressed willingness forthe PDP presidential flag bearer to talk with the IPOB leader. Presently, there is reliable but unconfirmed information the two parties have begun talking to each other.  The brother to Nnamdi Kanu, Prince Emma Kanu denies it. The publicity secretary of the IPOB, Emma Powerful also denied knowledge of any such talks.

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