Nigerians Burst Out As Buhari Says He Was Elected Into Office In 2005 (Video)

Nigerians on social media are reacting heavily on a video of incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari saying he was elected into office in ‘2005’ during his Ekiti’s presidential campaign.
President Buhari while giving his speech, mentioned that his administration is still conscious of the promises they made when coming in 2005.

The fact that the president made this mistake and some other mistakes aforetime has had people suggest that the president might be suffering from dementia.

Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode took to his Twitter to share the video and asked Nigerians if PMB is the person they want to rule for another 4 years.

He wrote,

Buhari has done it again!Today as he addressed the crowd at his Ekiti rally he told them that he was elected into office “in 2005”. The senility and diseased mind that plagues this creature is getting worse by the day. Is this what some say should lead Nigeria for another 4 yrs?

Watch the video below,

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