Nigeria will collapse under Buhari if re-elected – Peter Obi

The vice – presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party for the February 16 poll , Mr Peter Obi , has said Nigeria will collapse if Buhari is reelected .Obi stated this during a roadshow by the PDP in Awka , Anambra State , on Tuesday to seek support for its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar ahead of the poll .

Addressing reporters , Obi lamented the growing unemployment in the country.

The former Anambra State governor said , “ We ’ re on a roadshow trying to send our message to Nigerians. We are telling them that the election is about the future of our children .

“ We are encouraged by our endorsement everywhere , not only in the South- East , because the people have seen the reality of the moment .

“ They have seen that the present government doesn ’ t have the capacity to govern Nigeria. They have seen that this country will collapse under Buhari if allowed to continue .
“ We ’ ve a country that is collapsing . So, everybody should be part of this endorsement. ”

According to him , over 21 million Nigerians are either unemployed or underemployed in the country.

Obi added , “ We ’ ve a situation where we record growing insecurity daily . We ’ ve now moved from number seven to number three insecure country in the world after Afghanistan and Iraq . This should worry everybody. ”

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