Don’t forget Leah Sharibu, family begs FG, UK, US

The family of Leah Sharibu who is being held hostage by the Boko Haram sect for refusing to renounce her Christian faith , has appealed to the Federal Government and the international community to rescue their daughter .
The mother of the 15 – year – old girl , Rebecca, pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari , the United States and the United Kingdom to do everything in their powers to rescue Leah who was taken hostage alongside some Dapchi schoolgirls in February 2018 .

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Sunday, Rebecca who spoke through an interpreter , called on the Federal Government to keep the promises made by President Buhari and the ministerial delegation that visited her family in October last year .

The grieving mother , who broke down in tears during her speech said , “ The government should keep the promises made by the President and the ministers who visited us in Dapchi in October . They should rescue my daughter.

“ There is a Hausa proverb which says , ‘ Whenever you make a promise , the best thing to do is to keep that promise . ’ Leah was 14 when she was abducted , she has clocked 15 in Boko Haram custody. ”

The founder of Para- Mallam Foundation, Rev . Gideon Para- Mallam , described Leah as a heroine of faith , stressing that she represented what Nigerians should be .

While praying for her release , the cleric wondered why the abduction of Sharibu, the Chibok girls and other hostages was not a campaign issue , noting that he was concerned that none of the presidential candidates talked about their plan to rescue Nigerians in Boko Haram custody.

An American teenager , Becca Lubbert , who flew into the country to identify with Leah ’ s plight , described the Dapchi schoolgirl as an incredible example of standing for one ’ s faith .

She asked the government to protect schools and rescue those in Boko Haram captivity .

Meanwhile , the Federal Government has said the social media report on Leah ’ s death is fake and a ploy by the opposition to tarnish the administration ’ s image ahead of the general elections .

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed , said this at a media briefing on Sunday in Ilorin .

He described as ‘ absolute fake’ the report that Sharibu had died in captivity .

The minister said the rumour of Sharibu’ s death , which surfaced just a few days to the presidential election , was another ploy by the opposition to exploit primordial sentiments for political gains ahead of the polls .

“ It is part of the opposition’ s strategies to throw everything at the administration and at the President . I think every day they are realising the hopelessness of their position .

“ Every day they are amazed by the support Mr President is receiving from every part of the country and they have decided that they are going to spread falsehood.

“ They have also decided to inflame passion and make this election a Muslim – Christian affair or North- South affair , but people are not listening to them , ” he said .

The minister said that ahead of the Monday ( today ’ s ) presidential campaign rally in Ilorin, the All Progressives Congress had put everything in place to ensure that President Buhari ’ s visit was successful .

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