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Wow! Nigerian Soldier Seen Preaching To His Colleagues With His Gun Strapped To His Chest (Video)



A Nigerian soldier who is apparently engaged in the fight against insurgency, has been spotted preaching to his colleagues.
A video has emerged showing the moment a Nigerian soldier was caught on camera preaching to his colleagues.

The video is thought to have been shot in Northeastern Nigeria where the soldiers are engaging the deadly Boko Haram sect in a fight against insurgency.

In the video, the soldier is seen standing in front of his colleagues inside what looks like a makeshift church speaking to his colleagues. He has a bible in his hands and keeps moving back and forth trying to make his point as the other soldiers listen attentively to him.

The video which has since gone viral, has gotten social media users pleased, with many raining blessings on the military men.

Watch the video below:

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