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We Don’t Want To Fly Again – Cardiff Players Scared After Sala’s Missing Plane



The disappearance of a former Nantes player, Emiliano Sala who traveled from France to England by air has sent shock waves down the spines of his teammates.
Cardiff players are now scared to go on board now after the recent missing plane carrying one of their players Emiliano Sala.

The newly signed player who took a flight but dissapeared from the radar after some time of flying according to the defender, Sol Bamba.

He also added that after their first match with Arsenal, tribute was paid to Sala and the missing pilot, David Ibbotson.

Bamba added while speaking to BBC that “we travel by plane and some of the lads have been thinking, ‘I don’t want to go on it anymore’. The gaffer and the club have been in good terms of bringing someone in to talk to if we need to. And I think some of the lads do, they need to get it out”.