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Sam Allardyce believes Marcus Rashford will struggle to play football when he’s 30



Marcus Rashford’s form since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer arrived at Manchester United has been very impressive.
The 21-year-old made it five goals in his past seven matches with United’s second goal in their 2-1 win against Brighton on Saturday.

And what a goal it was, too. Rashford sent Pascal Gross the wrong way and bent an effort into the top corner.

It was the perfect way for the striker to celebrate his 150th appearance for the club.

That’s an incredible number of matches to have played at the highest level at such a young age but it says a lot about Rashford’s abilities.

Jose Mourinho didn’t always trust him to deliver but he realised that the England international could add a dynamic element to Man United’s attack, often from the bench.

But while Rashford is gaining plenty of experience, Sam Allardyce believes it will cost him in the long run.


Allardyce appeared on talkSPORT on Tuesday morning when he claimed that Rashford may have to hang up his boots before he gets to 30.

“No, probably very difficult to get to 30,”

Allarydce said when asked by Alan Brazil whether Rashford will make it to 27.

“Because of the demands, physically and mentally, the fatigue that he will suffer. He will have three weeks a year off. That’s it.

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“He’ll play all over the world because there’s no pre-season anymore, they go straight away across these tournaments.

“He’ll play for his country in the summer and he’ll get barely three weeks off.

“I think when you look at the wear and tear… by 25, he will have niggles. Even if he doesn’t get any major injuries, the knees and the ankles, the hips, the back will be a little bit of a problem as he goes on.

“They won’t stop him playing but I think later on in life it will bring his career to an end quicker than before.

“But if you look at the Premier League now, I think there’s less players over 30 playing now than ever.”

It’s an interesting point to make but to suggest that Rashford’s body will fail him is a little strange.

He has a great work ethic and has shown he can cope with the physical style of the Premier League.

Michael Owen had a wretched injury history and yet he was 33 when he hung up his boots.

So, unsurprisingly, Allardyce’s comments didn’t go down particularly well.