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Nigerians React As Ezekwesili Steps Down From Presidential Race



Kayode Ogundamisi sends painful notes of humiliation to Oby Ezekwesili in bid to make a mockery of Oby’s withdrawal from presidential race.
Oby Ezekwesili in a statement released earlier , revealed her withdrawal from the race and she promised to focus on dislodging APC and PDP through a coalition to replace her ambition for the presidential seat.

Reacting to the news of Ezekwesili’s withdrawal, Ogundamisi, said:

“@obyezeks started with @BBOG_Nigeria then sidestep into @RedCardMng

then moved into CUPP abi na CUP, Then became inspirator in chief and umpire for new generation Presidential candidates, after supervising internal elections, she herself emerged as a candidate and now MELTED.”

Meanwhile watch the video Ogundamisi shared to mock Oby and Oby Ezekwesili at the Presidential debate 2019 before she stepped down..

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@MarkEssien “ Oby Ezekwesili has stepped down to help build a single coalition against the incumbents. My next preferred candidate is Kingsley Moghalu, and if all other 3rd force presidential candidates consolidate around one person, it can become significant enough to shake the status quo.”

@Aolaosebikan “Good move but somehow too late. Also many wasted opportunities for a good representation at National Assembly. Anyway we have learned enough to be more strategic for 2023.”

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@BrodaleeB “The aim is to remove bad government.As you have step down don’t make the mistake of joining APC. You will lose again.”

@Fjfalase “Please collaborate to kill the double headed monster ie APC and PDP !!!! The citizens need you to.”

@Ifystic “After causing distraction and confusion. This is why I always taught you are a Buhari agent judging from your campaign attacks on PDP.”

@Slkie “Hmmm, you want to help build coalition 20 days to election? 20 days not 20 months or even 20 weeks!

@Iamdpassword “ Oby Ezekwesili just stepped down from the presidential election. It’s good that she has finally realised that changing the status quo demands forming an alliance. It’s coming a bit late tho but next time we try earlier.”

@SammyAdex1 “Madam you should have known that coalition bond is stronger if you really would love to put or stop APC and PDP in the forthcoming election.”

@Kany_10 “Aunty Oby Ezekwesili , we told you before that she’s sponsored to destabilise the polity, but she’s too small to do the hatchet job, so she finally bows out. Apart from Sowore, others are doing the same paid job, but will soon join aunty Obi on the sideline.”

@Harir_Isah “Too late na, We expected this move months ago.May be you should extend the plan to 2023.”

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@Kennydenz “Oby Ezekwesili withdraws from presidential race, when I said she was employed by APC to attack Atiku people came for my head. Finally, it’s happening as I said it.”

@Szhino “You see why I love this woman? That was a very great decision. I wish other’s could do the same and leave PDP and APC to fight it out.In the very near future, we will come out stronger and better.”

@Ilawrencegold “Wow! You just raised the guard of honor that I have for you with this

It’s a matter of time ma’am, Ezekwesili President of Nigeria in a bit.”

@Vincentpromise6 “That was quick ma.. But a good thing to do.. The future is bright. More blessings to you.”