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‘My two graduate children don’t own a car,’ – Peter Obi



The Peoples Democratic Party Vice Presidential candidate , Mr . Peter Obi , on Thursday said his two graduate children did not own cars .He said the children must make money by themselves to buy their own cars and not relying on him .

Obi, who spoke to his kinsmen in Agulu , Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State during a lecture organised in his honour by Agulu Peoples Assembly , said Nigeria was a place where people crave free money to live in luxury .

Obi said he had trained his children to be self – reliant, adding that he had chosen not to join people who crave primitive acquisition .

He said , “ I have two graduates who are working , a boy and a girl , and the two of them don’ t own any car because they haven ’ t made enough money to buy a car .

“ They were here for the Christmas , and I was talking to some people about them and the person said he saw my son and that he always jumps on buses and tricycles.

“ Some people don’ t like it that way. They believe I am rich and that my children should not be trekking , and that they should be provided cars .

“ But I believe they do not have the money ; so, they have to trek .

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“ Who will give them cars — is it me ? My money is my own ; so, they should work for theirs . ”

He said he was not contesting the VP position to make money , but to build a better Nigeria .

He described Nigeria as “ a collapsing country ” that needed to be salvaged by voting for the right crop of leaders who have been tested and proved .

“ I have been five years out of government, and no one has come to say any one naira was missing in government under my watch . EFCC can come and probe me if they like , I am not afraid .

“ I am not here to campaign to my people because I come from here and you know what I did in Anambra.

“ Just give me the opportunity and we will change Nigeria , and the country will start working again. ”