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Man Destroys His Own TV With Single Punch After His Club Failed To Win Match (Video)



In what come across as a really shocking development, a man has destroyed his TV set with a single punch after his team failed to win.
A video has emerged online showing the moment a football fan punched a TV screen in anger after his team failed to win the match.

The footage which was filmed in a location believed to be in the U.S., shows the sports enthusiast become irate when the game does not pan out quite the way he would have liked it to.

As he launches his fist at the flat screen television, the screen drops to the floor and shatters. He then continues to swear profusely before walking away from the screen.

A woman, who is seen in the room with him, stares in disbelief at the exact place that the TV screen once stood before walking off screen.

The disgruntled football fan continues to swear as the woman states: ‘We ain’t got no TV’.

Despite no longer having a TV the football fan’s anger continues as he says: ‘I’ve been cheated man’.

Watch the man below: