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If we expose those in Buhari govt, they’ll not only go to jail, they’ll go to hell – Obasanjo



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said those in the present administration will not only go to jail , they will go to hell if their corrupt acts are exposed.He also explained why he forgave an ex -Vice – President and Peoples Democratic Party’ s presidential candidate , Atiku Abubakar, in an interview with the BBC Yoruba monitored by our correspondents .

Comparing Atiku with President Muhammadu Buhari , Obasanjo said his former deputy , though not a messiah , was far better than the incumbent President .

He said , “ What I am saying is that where we are today ; our present situation , if you look at those who are there today and our boss ( Buhari) , I insist that Atiku will do better than them .

“ This is not a prophecy . Those in government today , if we expose them , all of them will enter hell ; they will not only go to jail . They will go to hell . Whoever that God does not expose his sins to the public is the person whose secret is kept . ”

Obasanjo , however , said he was not privy to the plans of Atiku if he became Nigeria ’ s next President .
He said , “ I did not say he ( Atiku ) will behave like Jesus . I did not say he will behave like Prophet Muhammed , but he will do better , in fact twice better than what we have at present . ”

Obasanjo said the President ’ s performance in the area of the economy was worse than his assessment of his ( Buhari ) knowledge of the economy in 2015 .

The ex -President said Atiku was not an angel but he had atoned for his sins when he came to him in Abeokuta and sought forgiveness.

He said , “ Those who talked about what I said about Atiku , what about what I said about Buhari ? His performance is even worse than what I thought .

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“ I said Buhari did not know anything about economy . Have you not seen it ? I said he did not know about diplomatic relations, have you not seen it ?

Ex – President accuses Buhari of nepotism

While accusing Buhari of nepotism , Obasanjo said the President gave priorities to his ethnic group when appointing people into sensitive positions .

Obasanjo added , “ Look at what is happening , the person that is leading us says he cannot appoint any other tribes into the posts he considers sensitive because he does not trust them . If he cannot trust my tribe and your tribe what is the benefit ? And he still wants my tribe and your tribe to vote for him . So , he can ask us to vote for him but he cannot trust us to be appointed into sensitive positions . What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander .

“ If you don’ t trust us , how do you want me to trust you ? If you trust me and I misbehave replace me with another person . But if only your maternal and paternal relatives are the only people you can appoint because they are the only people you can trust …

“ In Nigeria , where we have tribes numbering about 500 , you now said you could not trust some people . That is what we are saying . ”

Obasanjo also berated Buhari ’ s economic policies , saying “ Look at our economy , is it the way it should be ? Our economy can never develop if foreign investors do not come to invest in the economy . But , as it is , they are not coming into the country and they will never come . ”

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On the activities of Boko Haram , Obasanjo lamented that the insurgents were deadlier than they were before the present administration .

YPM knocks Obasanjo for attacking Buhari

Meanwhile , the National Coordinator , Yoruba Patriots ’ Movement , Chief Oladosu Oladipo , said the anti – Buhari’ s comment of Obasanjo was unbecoming of a statesman .

The group was of the view that the unsubstantiated allegations against the President had “ reduced his ( Obasanjo ’ s ) value both politically and intellectually . ”

Wondering about the inconsistency of the ex -President , Oladipo who spoke in Ibadan, said the aspersions being cast on Buhari had further impacted negatively on Obasanjo ’ s integrity .

Oladipo said , “ Two things I see , making a U- turn or somersaulting in the broad daylight has reduced his value both politically and intellectually . It has reduced his integrity ; reduced all his virtues and has put him as somebody whose words cannot be relied upon and who cannot mentor the up – and – coming generations . In fact , he is double -mouthed . ”

In a statement issued by the group , the YPM said , “ Those of us with genuine intentions , shall support these great leaders to take Nigeria to the next level . The national looters of yesterday should please go to sleep and give development a chance . We call on smaller parties to merge with the APC which is now a mega party. I want to advise Nigerians not to take Chief Obasanjo seriously . ”

Oladipo described the national leader of the APC , Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as a great man following the footsteps of the late sage , Chief Obafemi Awolowo.