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How to get your TIN number online for free



Most people are having difficult time trying to get their TIN(Tax Identification Number). Though FIRS will always tell you that TIN is free, but their staff will always find a way to extort money from Nigerians. And obviously you can’t open a business account with any bank without your TIN. 

So has decided to guide you on how to get your TIN online for free without paying a dime to FIRS. just follow the two steps below.. 

First make sure you register online with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission), you can read up our post on how to register your business name with CAC online

After you must have gotten your BN or RC from CAC which proves you have successfully registered your business, then you are ready for the next step. 

CAC automatically generates your TIN and send to FIRS. But believe me you won’t be told about this cus they are just after your money. 

To get your TIN follow this link and then enter select CAC registration number as search criteria, then enter your BN or RC and then captcha, after which you click on search and your TIN number will then be displayed.

Very easy right?.

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