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Beautiful Bride Who Refused To Smile On Her Wedding Day Goes Viral On Social Media (Video)



A young lady has stunned social media users after looking really gloomy and refusing to smile on her wedding day.
A video has emerged on social media showing the moment a young Muslim bride refused to allow a smile cross her face on her wedding day, getting viewers quite confused.

The unnamed lady is seen in the video looking really uncomfortable and quite gloomy as she stood beside her man. It would seem that she was not ready at all for the union.

In fact, when the man started to remove the veil from her face, she winced a little and appeared to be very uneasy.

Viewers online have gotten divided on why she refused to smile after the video went viral. Some Twitter users have insinuated that she may have been forced into the marriage, hence her unhappiness. However, others feel she is just shy.

Watch the video below: