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80-year-old man drags lover to police for refusal to conceive



An 80 – year – old Ugandan businessman , Eriasa Kakaire , has dragged his 23 – year -old live- in lover , Fauza Nabirye , to the police for allegedly failing to get pregnant , even after they had agreed to have a baby together.
Kakaire , who already has two wives and has fathered other children told the police that they had been living together for the past two years , and that Nabirye had agreed to become his wife , as well bear his child , reports Daily Monitor .

All was well in their home , until two months ago , when Nabirye allegedly disappeared with her employer and some property that Kakaire said belonged to him .

He said , “ I even got a loan to set up a business for her which collapsed . She was on family planning injections and for the past two years we lived together, she has never conceived as we agreed . ”
Kakaire added that Nabirye was welcome to his home , if she wants to return and if not , then , she should return his property , “ I want her back but if she cannot return to my house , she should refund the money I spent on her plus the property she ran away with . ”

At the police station , Nabirye revealed that she didn ’ t want to have a baby for Kakaire and had fled the house , because they were not legally married .

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She said , “ Not everyone who falls in love with you is eligible to be given a child . ”