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Nigeria hasn’t produced leaders like Obi and I since 1960 — Atiku




The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, on Wednesday said the type of leadership that he and his running mate , Mr . Peter Obi , offer Nigerians has not been seen in the country since Independence .
Atiku , who spoke during a town hall meeting with representatives of the business community in Aba , Abia State , blamed the ruling All Progressives Congress for allegedly instigating economic regression in the country .

According to the PDP candidate , Nigerians cannot afford to have 50 million unemployed men and women .

He said , “ That is why there is insecurity. To be able to do business , you must have a secure environment . Otherwise , you will not even be able to come out of your house and go to your factory .

“ We have two very experienced men , both in governance and business : Peter Obi and myself . I don’ t think Nigeria has ever produced this type of leadership since Independence . If you are doubting us , you know what you should do ? Try the two of us .

“ If you ’ re producing juice , I ’ m a manufacturer of beverages . If you ’ re producing plastics , I ’ m a manufacturer of plastics . If you have poultry , I ’ m a manufacturer of livestock .

“ If you ’ re selling food in the market , I own fast food ( restaurants ) . If you are in printing, I have a printing industry . If you are into broadcasting , I own television stations .

“ So , what are you going to tell me ?”

Abubakar stated that his various companies had been spending N 600 m to pay for trucks haulage until he decided to start his own haulage business .

“ I sat down with them and said , ‘ No , we must go into road haulage . Let ’ s have our own trucks . I can ’ t spend N 600 m on mere road haulage . ’ And today , we ’ re in a successful haulage industry .

“ So , my brothers and sisters , the government that has tried to solve most of the challenges that the business community are facing in this country is the PDP government and here is another opportunity , so you don’ t repeat the mistake of bringing back this government, ” he said .