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Atiku boos Buhari Govt in New Year Message



The 2019 presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has taken a swipe at the Buhari administration , saying it has brought more hardship to Nigerians .In a Facebook post via his verified Twitter handle @ Atiku , and entitled , ‘ My New Year Message To Nigerians, ’ sent from Abuja, and dated 31 December , 2018 , 

Atiku wrote :

My dear fellow citizens ,

As 2018 comes to an end and 2019 beckons, on behalf of my family and I , let me wish you and your family a very happy New Year in advance.

In 2018 , we became the world headquarters for extreme poverty , however , I am convinced that in 2019 , if we chart a new course , we can become the world headquarters for hope and extreme devotion to the cause of lifting our people out of poverty .

2019 is as yet a blank page . As a nation , we must not settle for whatever it brings . Rather, we must take collective action , through our choices , in making it a year where we revive national hope , with visionary leadership that sees our economy and institutions working again as they did in our golden era .

We can chart a new course and open a new chapter that sees every Nigerian living in peace and prosperity with their neighbour . It can be the year when our youths finally get a job instead of being unfairly tagged as lazy . With purposeful leadership, it can also be the year when we put an end to terrorism and usher in a golden age of peace .

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But it will not just happen by itself . We have to make changes from the top all the way to the bottom . We already have the vision , the vision of a nation that is a beacon of hope for the Black Race and the world at large , what we lack and what 2019 can provide , is the leadership that has the capacity to translate that vision into reality.

In 2019 , Nigerians need a leadership that is 100 % for 100 % of Nigerians , 100 % of the time . We have seen where division and sectionalism has led us to . Now let us try unity and patriotism.

Don ’ t lose heart and hope . Nigeria is no stranger to overcoming difficulties . In fact , we have an uncanny ability to perform our best when the worst is upon us . I urge my fellow countrymen and women to remember how we became the first nation in the world to defeat and overcome the Wild Ebola Virus , when even First World nations were struggling with the scourge .

That resilience is domiciled in our national psyche and together we shall win forever . We shall win over forces of disunity . We shall win over forces of poverty and backwardness .

But more importantly , in 2019 , I want Nigerians to know that it is possible to have a leadership that is compassionate and that this does not equate to weakness . A leadership that is bold but not domineering . A leadership that is intelligent , but not arrogant .

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Indeed , that is the only type of leadership that can navigate the difficulties currently facing our dear nation and lead us to Unity and Faith , Peace and Progress , which are our national motto and which are the hope of all Nigerians .

Once again, I wish you all a Happy New Year and may 2019 be the year of Nigeria .

Atiku Abubakar

Waziri of Adamawa

Presidential Candidate of PDP & Vice President of Nigeria , 1999 – 2007