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No cure for HIV! – WHO



The World Health Organisation has reaffirmed that there is “ no cure ” for HIV , insisting that people living with HIV / AIDS need to continue with anti – retroviral therapy to manage their infections.The reaffirmation by the UN health agency came after a local preacher in Zimbabwe reportedly claimed that he had received divine revelation of a herbal cure .

Dr Alex Gasaira, WHO ’ s representative in the country , explicitly stated that “ there is no cure for HIV infection” .

According to media reports , the Zimbabwean cleric had notified his congregation in the capital , Harare , on Sunday of the “ cure ” for HIV and AIDS .

He also reportedly claimed that a healing plant had been revealed to him by God , sparking a media outcry .

The nation’ s largest newspaper , the Harare Herald , reported that his claims were scientifically baseless and that the Zimbabwean Government was actively discouraging the purchase of unapproved medicines .

According to UNAIDS statistics , Zimbabwe recorded some 30 , 000 AIDS -related deaths in 2016, with well over one million people living with HIV in the same year , .

“Those desperate for a cure should not abandon their ARV therapy , ” the WHO official advised .

He explained that researchers working in the field had been advised to subject their treatments to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health for proper clinical trials and procedures .

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“Until a cure is verified , effective ARV drugs can control HIV infections and help prevent transmission , so that people with HIV , and those at substantial risk , can enjoy healthy , long and productive lives , ” Gasasira added .

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