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American Man Proposes To Nigerian Girlfriend After Flying All The Way From US To Meet Her For The First Time (Photos)



An American man has left many onlookers stunned after he bent the knee and proposed to his Nigerian girlfriend he was meeting for the first time.The American man bending the knee to propose to his Nigerian girlfriend after meeting for the first time

A joyful scene was created at an airport in Nigeria after an American man traveled all the way from his country to meet a Nigerian woman he met online.

The lovestruck American identified as Christopher Chestnut arrived in Nigeria for the first time to meet his girlfriend, Leah Athaliah Amishe (also for the first time) and wasted no time by bending the knee to propose to her.

Leah accepted the proposal and the onlookers cheered on.

Sharing the cheering news on Facebook, Luka Samson wrote:

“And she said a big yes to confirm the date and to welcome him to Nigeria.

This is his first time in Africa, Nigeria and Jos, he traveled all the way for love.


Congratulations to u Leah Athaliah Amishe and Christopher Chestnut”

See more photos below:

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