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Model With Tribal Marks Shares Throwback Picture, Says Tribal Mark Is Beautiful



This young lady’s tribal marks might encourage you to get one even though the trend is going out of fashion.

Beautiful model with tribal marks, Adetutu Alabi aka Elen Paz who was followed by American singer Rihanna a while ago shares her throwback photo of when she was a kid.

She asserted that tribal mark is a mode of beautication for kids.

“I get to meet people who ask me if I did the tribal marks on my face. It is mostly done when the child is a week…. Yes it is a way of beautification then but now it’s not trendy anymore. PS: That was me in the first pic and others are how tribal marks is done,” she captioned the photos.

However both on Twitter and Instagram, her fans seems not to agree with her as they blasted her for her post.

See image below :

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