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Man Publicly Disgraced By A Prostitute In Lagos (Video)



A man was held hostage by a prostitute in Ajao area of Lagos state for allegedly refusing to pay her for her services.
A Nigerian man has been given the disgrace of a lifetime after a s-x worker held him hostage at Ajao estate, Lagos, following a disagreement over money.

According to Instablog, the duo had agreed N10k for an all-night romp, but the man, first of all, took the lady to a nightclub before they returned home around 5a.m for the ‘bedmatical’ clash.

However, the tune of discuss changed when the lady prepared to leave and asked for payment. She was given N2k as the man insisted that she only serviced him for less than 2 hours, as against their initial all-night agreement.

Angered by the man’s response, the lady insisted on collecting N10k. The matter escalated as the two dragged themselves outside as the woman insisted on collecting the total amount they had earlier agreed on.

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