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I hope you rot in hell – mother tells her late son accidentally killed by hunter



The mother of a British cyclist shot dead in the French Alps after being mistaken for an animal has branded him a monster — and said she is glad he was killed .Marc Sutton , 34 , was shot by a hunter on Saturday near the Les Gets Alpine ski resort as he was cycling through woods .

Despite tributes from friends and neighbours , his mother Katrina said on Facebook : “ I hope you rot in hell , Mark Thomas Sutton . ”

She declared : “ My only disappointment is , you died instantly . For any horrified people reading this, I ’ m not some vicious troll . I ’ m the woman who gave birth to him .

“ This man was a monster . A bullet aimed at an animal . You aimed well . Karma called on you . ”
Another woman claimed she had been raped and beaten by Sutton around 100 times .

However , Sutton ’ s girlfriend broke her silence on Wednesday to say the allegations about her boyfriend were “ wicked lies . ”

Jo Watts , his partner for nine years who set up the restaurant with him , said : “ I ’ m shattered by his death , his life taken so violently by a hunter while he innocently rode his bike on a popular track.

“ Now , to add to all that , I ’ m devastated that people have chosen now to make these allegations — nothing to do with how he died – – when Marc is not here to defend himself . ”

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She added : “ His friends know the real Marc . The Marc I knew and loved was a kind , happy , loving man who would do anything for anyone . ”

Sutton , who moved to France originally from Caerphilly in south Wales six years ago , ran the Wild Beets Kitchen restaurant in Les Gets , a Haute – Savoie ski resort.

The SUN reported that Sutton fled abroad when confronted by his mother and alleged victim .

She told The SUN : “ When I heard he had been killed , I felt utter relief; it was a massive burden off my back . I was just relieved he couldn ’ t hurt us or anyone again.

“‘He deserved to be shot like an animal — he was the biggest animal there was . ”

A former girlfriend said she had “ cried with relief ” at this death .

He was also said to have served six months in prison for assaulting another girlfriend , shattering her cheekbone and damaging her eye socket .

The 22 – year – old hunter was taken to hospital suffering from shock and is being investigated on suspicion of aggravated manslaughter .

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