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How I Drank Bleach To Kill Myself 3 Weeks Ago – Tonto Dikeh’s Sister Reveals Battle With Depression



Tonto Dikeh’s sister has taken to her social media page to discuss her battle with depression which almost led to her committing suicide weeks ago.

In a post shared on her IG page, Tatiana Dikeh, a sister of actress Tonto Dikeh, revealed she has been dealing with clinical deperession and almost committed suicide three weeks ago.

In her post, Tatiana, who has a daughter, said she drank hypo with the aim of killing herself. Luckily, she did not die.

Read her post below

”So, I’ve bin wanting to do this but I was worried about what d world wld say about me… It’s my own testimony!!! 3weeks ago, I thought of my life and den devil spoke to my spirit and said, “Tatiana, u r a failed parent….Ur daughter is ashamed of u and ur efforts r all wrong and boom, I gave in…. That night, I realized God had a purpose for my life because I drank hypo and to me, I said to myself I was gonna die and have peace…. The next day, I woke up to f sound of my alarm and I pinched myself and realized I didnt die as expected, no tummy aches, nothing and dat morning, I sought to find help???I talked to my angel in human form @gorsky2211 and he said, I needed to seek help and my journey for help began… I put up a post on @womeninportharcourtpage and then, another angel asked I sent her a DM @noise1405 which I did and she made sure I started going to a rehab…. I didnt only find help, I found a big sister in her….

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Before my help, I was a monster to my child, always sad, very aggressive and that was when I was told I had clinical depression….. On this journey of healing, it hasn’t bin easy but God has bin faithful and even though d mood swings come often, I’m alot better than I was now all because I got people who showed me love and God who kept me alive… Thank u to all those who knew my journey and have bin patient with me.. @gorsky2211 thank u for taking absolute care of me and my daughter, @noise1405 thank u for letting me be ur baby sis and for helping me thru dis journey despite ur own challenges, @lianna95 thank u for understanding and to my bestie @fab_.prince u made sure u told me how much u loved me every morning and that helped me heal faster too….. When u feel depressed, speak up, seek help, don’t stop till u find it!!!!! Suicide isn’t d best way out of ur challenges #Survivor #ibeatclinicaldepression#Godkeptme #mydaughtersmother

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