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French President, Emmanuel Macron Is ‘Too Arrogant, Too Snappy’ – Wife, Brigitte



After the resignations of two high-profile ministers, one of whom complained on TV, that his presidency lacked humility, President Emmanuel Macron’s wife has also called him arrogant.
French President Emmanual Macron has been told that he is too arrogant by his own wife Brigitte, who claims she is fed up of his high-handed manner.

Brigitte Macron has urged his inner circle to tell him the truth because she feels like she is the only person who risks telling him when he is being high-handed, reports Le Parisien newspaper.

She reportedly confided in members of her entourage that President Macron is ‘too arrogant, too snappy’ , and nobody dares tell him otherwise.

This comes as a new book revealed Mrs Macron has allegedly vowed retribution to the person who started whispers that her husband was secretly in a gay relationship.

These remarks came to light in a new biography about Michèle ‘Mimi’ Marchand, an adviser to the Macron family.

The book has also left the couple red-faced by claiming that they were dependant on PR adviser Ms Marchard, 71.

President Macron has been forced to deny rumours that Mr Marchand used her connections to figure out who fuelled the gay rumours, with Mrs Macron at the helm of the operation.

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The newspaper also noted that Mrs Macron, who is 25 years older than her husband, is sick of the press focusing on her age.

She was also allegedly infuriated that social media posts wrongly claimed that she had lied about her date of birth.

A friend of Brigitte told them: ‘She’s sick of talk of her age, she’s had enough.’

The president has recently been facing struggles of his own as he grapples to reshuffle his government following two resignations of ministers.

One of the two ministers claimed that his presidency ‘lacked humility’.


Source: Dailymail UK

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