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Falana tell Nigerian youths who to vote in 2019 (Video) 



Human rights activist, Femi Falana , on Monday , challenged youths in Nigeria to get organised in order to change the fate of the country , given the fact that they have the numbers .

Falana gave the challenge during the 2018 Felabration event tagged Fela @ 80 : Overtaking Overtake , at the Fela debates in Lagos . The debate was titled , “ African Leadership in the Millennium ” .

He said , “ Let me challenge young people to get organised , not antagonise . If we are organised , the sky is the limit . Out of about 80 million registered voters , 60 million of them are young people .

“ So , we can change the fate of our country , we can make it possible like Fela insisted all his life . And if we can get it right in Nigeria , the Blackman would be proud all over the world . ”
Falana went on to lambast the ruling government. He said even though it claimed to be fighting corruption , there are a number of persons in its ranks , who should be standing trial .

“ There is a government in power , which claims to be fighting corruption . A few millions of Naira have been recovered but the real criminality has not been arrested. That is why they are trying to regroup once again. Some of those , who are trying to regroup should actually be standing trial if Nigeria had taken the advice of Fela . ”

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The lawyer went on to advise the presidential candidates , who were present at the debate to listen to Fela’ s songs , as they would be able to get a solution to Nigeria ’ s problems from his songs .

He said , “ I want most of these presidential aspirants to listen to Fela ’ s music very well . That ’ s where they can find solutions to most of our problems .

“ Our country is rich as Fela sang in his music , but our people are still hungry and poor ; you must understand our society before you can lead us . ”

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