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Face Of Man Who Climbed Billboard To Protest Against Buhari After He Regained Freedom (Photos)



A young Nigerian man arrested for climbing a billboard to protest against President Muhammadu Buhari has regained his freedom.

Muhammad Lawan Faro (pictured in white jersey), who climbed a billboard hanger in Yola, Adamawa state capital yesterday with threats of jumping down if President Buhari fails to resign, has been released from police custody.

Recall that after climbing the billboard, he was initially arrested by officers attached to Jimeta Division of the Nigeria Police in Yola following the incident.

Lawan said he would commit suicide if Buhari does not vacate the seat for Atiku Abubakar, the PDP presidential candidate.

Lawan Faro said his action was necessitated by the “extreme poverty” in the land. “I think it’s time for Buhari to give way for someone like Atiku Abubakar to lead us out of the present hardship”, he cried.

He threatened to fall off after 12 hours if Atiku Abubakar does not show up to assure him of Buhari’s ouster in 2019.

“I will remain here for 12 hours to show my discontent, and someone not less than Atiku must come here to assure me that this government must be sacked in the forthcoming election.”

Mustapha Atiku Ribadu who met with Faro after his release today took to Facebook to share an update. He wrote; “With the boy Muhammad Lawan on the billboard hanger yesterday. We spoke extensively with the boy this afternoon, I sincerely believe he is very sane and is not doing this thing for any monetary gain or under the influence of any drug or persons.

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“I am proud of how the police handled the situation, Dan Sanda Abokin Kowa. I am equally happy how some Atiku Abubakar supporters responded to the situation, so also our members of the BLACKCAP revolution and the APC faithfuls.

“The boy told me in private he has nothing against PMB but a pro Atiku Abubakar a diehard supporter of the former VP.”