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Check Out What Lionel Messi Was Seen Doing With His Family On International Break (Photo)



Lionel Messi has been seen having such a great time with his family as he takes advantage of the international break from club football.
The world-famous Barcelona star Lionel Messi, has been pictured spending some time with his extended family away from the Argentine squad during the international break.

The 31-year-old was not included among the Argentine team to take on Saudi Arabia and perennial rival Brazil as he missed out on the action for the second international break.

While given an off day by Barcelona he decided to spend some time with members of his family which included his niece, Morena, and cousin, Emanuel Biancucchi.

Messi put up activities of the meeting between him and his family members on his official Instagram account.

The family gathering which took place in Messi home of Catalonia saw him spend time with his relatives.

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