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BREAKING: Ethiopian President resigns



Ethiopia’ s President Mulatu Teshome on Wednesday filed resignation request to the Ethiopian Parliament , State news agency ENA reported .
Teshome , who has been the East African country ’ s head of state since October 2013 , on Wednesday submitted his letter of resignation as the Ethiopian parliament ’ s two houses are scheduled to consider his resignation .

The houses would eventually name his successor in a joint extraordinary session on Thursday , the report said .

The joint extraordinary session of the Ethiopian parliament on Thursday “ will deliberate on the president ’ s application for resignation and will elect a new president , ’’ according to ENA .

The erstwhile president , who conducted his doctoral studies in international law at Peking University in China , was unanimously appointed as Ethiopia’ s president on October 7 , 2013 while he was serving as Ethiopia’ s ambassador to Turkey .
Teshome is a member of Oromo Democratic Party , one of the four member parties of the ruling Ethiopian People ’ s Revolutionary Democratic Front .

Teshome ’ s imminent resignation also came shortly after Ethiopian government’ s cabinet reshuffle .

The Ethiopian House of People ’ s Representatives , the Ethiopian parliament ’ s lower house , earlier approved the appointment of 16 new cabinet members upon the endorsement of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed , in which only four of the previous cabinet ’ s members remained in their positions .

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Teshome , 63 , had served in various high -level Ethiopian government offices and ministries as Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Cooperation , Minister of Agriculture , and Spokesperson of the House of Federation .

He had also served in various diplomatic missions representing the east African country to China , Turkey , Japan , Thailand and Azerbaijan .

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