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2019: Man Who Rode Bicycle From Owerri To Abuja For Atiku, Collapses, Lands In Hospital (Photos)



A young man who decided to ride a bicycle from Owerri to Abuja in support of Atiku Abubakar’s presidential ambition, has regretted his decision after landing himself in the hospital in Abuja.

A Psychology graduate of the Imo State University identified as Uche Dubem, who rode a bicycle from Owerri to Abuja for Atiku Abubakar, reportedly collapsed and is being hospitalised at the National Hospital in Abuja

According to reports, Dubem who arrived Abuja last week after taking off from Owerri Shoprite in Owerri, on October 13, had a shock while urinating, causing him to lose consciousness.

It was gathered that after he collapsed and regained consciousness at the hospital, the young man said; “When I woke up I found myself in the hospital; the National Hospital. Series of tests were conducted and at the end of the day my BP was about 300. But now I am getting okay.

He said he was one of the Nigerian youths that had benefited from the scholarship scheme sponsored by Atiku.

“I did not do this for money, if it is for money, I know how and where to get it. So this is a call to all Nigerians, especially the electorate not to make another mistake,”

he said.

Uche Dubem who was dressed in a red shirt branded

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”Atikulated” at the front, “Atiku’s Disciple” at the back also disclosed that he started the six-days journey from Shoprite, Owerri on 13 October at 7am.

He said; “It took me six days to ride a bicycle from Owerri down to Abuja, I left Owerri Shoprite at 7am last Saturday. In a day I cover like six to seven hours, I started riding from shoprite, IMO state then I passed the night at Enugu. Then I stopped at Kogi, at Kogi state because of the hill and the size two days there.

“I also performed evangelism, I started telling people about Atiku Abubakar. I took the massage hope 2019 that is Atiku Abubakar to market women, mosques and churches.

“Then I continued my journey from Lokoja, then to Gwagbwalada to Abuja, .Good Nigerians showed me the road, and I also made use of google map,” he added.