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? Woman Dies After Secretly Getting Illegal Bum Surgery Which She Hid From Husband (Photo)



A woman has lost her life after her desire to get the perfect body led her to undergoing an illegal bum lift that led to her death.
A young businesswoman died after an illegal bum lift procedure she hid from her husband, it emerged today.

Brazilian Fernanda de Assis, 25, was rushed to hospital with difficulties breathing and crippling pains in her body before deep and weeping wounds opened up on her buttocks and bruising appeared on her face.

She was transferred to intensive care on Friday at the Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital in Rio de Janeiro where her health deteriorated before she died from a massive heart attack on Saturday afternoon.

Police are investigating whether her death is linked to an aesthetic procedure carried out last Tuesday at an unknown clinic which allegedly injected silicone fillers into her behind.

According to husband Alex Fernando, 27, his wife of five years had already used an illicit bottom boosting clinic to enlarge her hips and he had begged her not to do it again.

He said: “She knew I was against this type of procedure. I warned her that her life wasn’t worth risking for the sake of such a fleeting thing as beauty.”

Mr Fernando said he constantly reassured his wife she was already beautiful.

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But he said: “She ignored my concerns and did the last aesthetic treatment without telling me.

“The next day she woke up feeling sick with huge bruises on her face and on her bum. I told her to go to the doctor, but she put it off.

“By Friday she was in agony which is when I took her to the clinic.”

Fernanda was immediately hospitalised and warned that the damage to her bottom was so acute she was facing extensive medical intervention, lasting between six to seven months, to repair the wounds and reconstruct the area.

Shocked family members said the young entrepreneur had recently set up a rooftop bronzing clinic which was attracting dozens of clients keen to follow Brazil’s popular summer fashion of bikini tan lines created using black electric tape.

The marks are considered sexy and the hottest trend for beach ready bodies. A relative added: “Fernanda had everything to live for and was passionate about life.

“Her biggest downfall was that she was obsessed with having the perfect body, but she didn’t need a bigger bum.

“Yet no matter what anyone told her, she (appeared) willing to risk her life by injecting dangerous chemicals into her body.”

Relatives are waiting for the results of an autopsy to reveal the cause of death.

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Police have launched an investigation to identify and apprehend the person responsible for allegedly administering the aesthetic procedure.

-Culled from TheSun UK

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