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My Side Of The Story: Ex-Linda Ikeji Staff Who Was Accused Of R*pe, Finally Reacts To Allegation



A former top staff of Linda Ikeji TV who was accused of r*pe, has finally reacted to the huge allegation.
Theo Ukpaa, a top staff of Linda Ikeji TV who was sacked from his enviable position after a r*pe allegation was leveled against him, has spoken out.

In a lengthy note he penned to address the matter, Theo rubbished his accuser, Emilia Samuel’s claims, insisting that he is innocent and that he has been framed.

He went on to break down Emilia’s claims paragraph by paragraph, finding fault with virtually every statement as he tried to prove why she is lying.

He explained that he has worked for several pageants and reality shows and no one can say he has every molested anybody. He ended up by saying his legal team will file proper official reports in the coming days.

Below is how he told his story