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Zambia conducts census on goats



The Zambian government has conducted a census on goats in the country .At the end of the census which was conducted in 2017 , it was discovered that Zambia ’ s total goat population stands at 3 , 476 , 790 , reports Lusaka Times .

The census was conducted in 2017 by the Central Statistical Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock .

The results of the census come at a time , Zambia has entered a bilateral agreement with Saudi Arabia to export one million goats to the Arab nation per year .

Saudi Arabia is said to want to import a further 1 million sheep from Zambia .

Already , they are concerns that the deal may not work out .

Zambia ’ s 2016 census puts the nation’ s population at 16 . 5 m , according to Wikipedia .