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White House ex-employee Omarosa releases Trump tape



Former White House staffer and TV celebrity Omarosa Manigault Newman has released a recording of a private conversation with President Donald Trump after she was fired .
NBC’ s “ Today ” program played the brief recording , in which Trump claims to have had no knowledge that she was sacked by chief of staff John Kelly , and expresses regret at the news .

The recording is the latest volley from the disgruntled 44 -year -old , once an ardent Trump ally , and represents another stunning breach of trust .
It also appears to show a president who has little knowledge of what is happening inside his own White House — or who is willing to lie to avoid confrontation.

“Omarosa ? Omarosa what ’ s going on ? I just saw on the news that you ’ re thinking about leaving? What happened ?” he said, apparently unaware she had already been fired .

“Nobody even told me about it , ” Trump is heard saying .

“You know they run a big operation, but I didn ’ t know it . ”

He continues: “ I didn ’ t know that . Goddamn it . I don ’ t love you leaving at all. ”

Trump has already branded “ Omarosa ” — as she is commonly known — a “lowlife ” after she released a recording of her firing by Kelly, seemingly recorded in the White House Situation Room .

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Trump came to office vowing to hire “only the best people ” — but has struggled to put a lid on leaks , backbiting and scandal inside his White House .

( AFP )