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Vera Sidika’s narrates how her ex, Otile Brown used her then broke up with her



Vera Sidika triggered a ‘go-ahead’ for her fans to attack her ex Otile Brown after she narrated her part of the story.She accused him of using her as a bedrock for his fame and then dropped him after he succeeded in his mission.

Social media have since thronged the Instagram account of Otile Brown to rain insults on him following her revelation that he broke up with her after using her.

In a lengthy statement, Vera said she loved Otile with all her heart and refused advances from governors and presidents of various countries just to be with him, but he only wanted to use her in his music video, and after she agreed to it and featured in the video, he broke up with her 5 days after.

Shortly after Vera’s announcement was made public, social media users went to Otile’s Instagram account to insult him and promised to unfollow him.

Below are social media reactions and also Otile’s video featuring Vera.

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