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Unbelievable: Strange Woman Who ‘Sleeps With Ghosts’ Makes Shocking Claims (Photos)



A woman who claims she sleeps with ghosts has made a rather startling claim about her ‘relationship’ with them.
A woman who claims to romp with ghosts has said she is now in a “pretty serious” relationship with one.

Amethyst Realm even hopes to start a family with the romantic ghoul — who she met on a trip to Australia.

The spiritual guidance counsellor, 30, ditched men to “have s*x with ghosts” more than 11 years ago.

But telling of her new love, Amethyst said: “It’s pretty serious. In fact, we’ve even been thinking about having a ghost baby. ”

Speaking to New Idea, Amethyst told how the Aussie spectre crept up on her while she was out on a nature walk.

She felt “this incredible energy” with the ghost — and immediately wanted to bed it.

Amethyst added: “I knew a new lover had arrived”.

The hunky ghost then followed her back to the UK and they have been a happy couple for the last six months.

Hoping to move the relationship onto the next level, Amethyst said she now wants a baby with her ghostly lover.

She admitted the idea “sounds crazy” but added:

“I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question”.

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Amethyst explained that phantom pregnancies — where signs like nausea and swelling of the abdomen are present in someone who is not pregnant — are actually “ghost babies” trapped in living people.

Amethyst was appearing on This Morning in December when she said she orgasms when having s*x with spirits

She thinks that some women are able to conceive with a ghost — but are not able to go to term as their bodies cannot cope with the paranormal.

Amethyst said: “I’m sure there’s a way around that – I just haven’t worked it out yet”.

She seems primed to settle down with her one true ghoul after years of experimenting with multiple ghostly partners.

Amethyst has had relationships with at least 15 different spirits since giving up on living men.

And her choice has left her satisfied in the bedroom — as she orgasms when having s*x with spirits.

Asked if she could really climax during a sexual experience with a ghost, Amethyst said: “For me, yes”.

Appearing on This Morning in December, Amethyst said: “You can still feel it, it’s difficult to explain.

“It’s like a weight but at the same time weightless and there was the physical things like the breath and stroking.

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“And the energy as well, I think the energy was a lot to do with it. You feel a connection.”


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