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2 dead, 68 ill from West Nile virus outbreak



Israel ’ s Health ministry on Friday said two people have died and 68 others have taken ill , as a result of outbreak of the West Nile virus .
NAN reports that West Nile virus , is a viral infection typically spread by mosquitoes . In about 75 per cent of infections people have few or no symptoms .

People develop a fever , headache , vomiting , or a rash .

The two people killed by the virus , an infection typically spread by mosquitoes , were 85 and 75 years old and had been dealing with other unidentified illnesses , the ministry said .
The ministry said 68 other people , who have been infected with the virus are mostly elderly people or those, who suffered from other ailments beforehand .

A similar outbreak in Greece has killed 11 people and affected 96 others , that country ’ s Centre for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed on Thursday .

The ministry added that most cases had been reported on the Peloponnese peninsula and west of Athens .

Symptoms of the West Nile virus include fever , headache , vomiting and rashes . Recovery can take months .

The risk of death among those with a prior health condition is 10 per cent .

( dpa / NAN )

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