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Photos Of Nigerian Man And His Girlfriend Arrested In India For Duping Innocent Applicants



It is the end of the road for a Nigerian man and his girlfriend who have been scamming unsuspecting job seekers in India.

A Nigerian national and his Indian girlfriend have been arrested for allegedly duping people on the pretext of providing them jobs abroad, has reported.

The Nigerian identified as Imasaun Henry Omorogby and his girlfriend Sheela Dey have been running a scam using fake bank accounts and data from various websites to lure people on the pretext of providing them employment, they said.

According to the police, their modus operandi was to send emails to job seekers regarding employment opportunities outside India.

Once they gained the confidence of the victims with attractive job offers, the duo would ask the victims for money on the pretext of visa processing, work permit application, immigration and travel expenses.

The job seekers would deposit money in the account number provided by the duo and then they would vanish with the money, the police said.

Based on a complaint filed by a resident of Dwarka, a special team was constituted and the two were arrested, the police added.