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Nigerian Twitter users getting set to sue Linda Ikeji



Nigerian Twitter users have launched a campaign to sue ace blogger, Linda Ikeji over plagiarism and exposing victims of her blog posts to attacks.The tweet calling for proof which will aid the group to ‘nail’ Linda Ikeji in court, reads;

If Linda Ikeji has ever republished anything that you wrote online and 1. It exposed you to attacks 2. You have proof Please send an email to

[email protected] Thank you. Please kindly RT this.

Not like I owe you an explanation but here it is. Linda put up an offending post. They asked her to remove it. No response. They sent a private message to her sister. No response. Sent 3 emails from lawyers in the US and Nigeria. No response. The offending post is still up.

Yes she is subjecting people to attack. The victim here woke up this morning to over 100 attacks from people they don’t know. They have had to change their identifiers on social media. It is not fair to allow this sort of behavior fester without repercussion.

No one should feel like they have the right to treat people’s privacy with such disregard. At the very least ask for permission. Or when you are asked to take it down, comply. This person doesn’t have as much money but they have a team of lawyers ready to see this to conclusion.

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