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Mother Abandons Her Cute Baby In A Bush… Read The Note She Left Behind (Photos)



A baby has been found in a bush abandoned by the mother with a note expressing her inability to further take care of the baby.

The abandoned baby

An unidentified woman yesterday dropped a 4-5 months baby on the road and left a note for anyone willing to adopt the child.

The woman who is said to come from Kabwe region of Zambia, allegedly dumped her baby girl in a nearby bush with a note saying she is tired of life and that she cant take it anymore because she comes from a poor background.

The note left behind by baby’s mother

The child named Purity was later discovered by passersby after close to 3hours of being dumped by the mother.

Baby rescued by residents

“I have reached a point where I have to abandon my daughter. I have not received any support from the father or family. I am a poor person and I hope a good Samaritan will adop her. Her name is Purity.God bless you,” the mother of the abandoned baby wrote.