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Many Narrowly Escape Death As Fully Loaded Commercial Bus Catches Fire On Third Mainland Bridge



Many people have escaped tragic death after a commercial bus went up in flames on Third Mainland Bridge.
It has been reported that some passengers escaped death on Wednesday morning after an accident in Lagos.

The accident occurred after the commercial bus carrying them suddenly caught fire in transit on Third Mainland Bridge.

Local reports show that the driver of the bus lost control and tried all he could to bring the bus to a stop at a safe side of the road.

Unknown to him there was a broken down vehicle which was parked at exactly where he thought would be safe for his passengers to alight. He then rammed ito it. The car also caught fire.

Observers quickly sprung into action to avert further calamity.

The LASTMA, LASEMA, Fire Service and RRS are still on ground to ensure free flow of traffic.

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