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Man bans girlfriend from using snapchat



After a month of dating, Matthew Bailey , 24 , banned his girlfriend , Molly Cunliffe , 19 , from using Snapchat and monitored her use of Facebook .Bailey , who has been sentenced for psychological abuse in an intimate relationship would regularly check Miss Cunliffe ’ s mobile phone , tell her what to wear and demanded she sends him pictures to prove she was at home , reports Telegraph UK.

While they were dating , Bailey also bombarded Miss Cunliffe with calls ; sometimes up to 30 calls in the space of half an hour and then falsely accused her of cheating on him whenever she did not answer .

During one phone call, Bailey warned her : “ You’ ll get a car through your front window and I ’ ll stab you in the neck . You know what I ’ m capable of. ”

When Cunliffe tried to end the relationship , Bailey threatened to kill her family .

A Manchester Magistrates ’ Court sentenced him to six years in jail and also issued an injunction banning him contacting Miss Cunliffe for five years under the terms of a restraining order .